How to Clean Wall to Wall Carpet

There are different types of carpets that are available in the market. One of the most common types of carpet is the wall to wall carpet. The wall to wall carpet is generally made of threads of nylon or polypropylene. This is basically a type of plastic. In general words, wall to wall carpet is attached to the building. The only way to clean the carpet is to clean the top of the carpet. There is a specific type of cleaning that must be followed for the wall to wall carpet.

Here is how the wall to wall carpet must be cleaned or professional steam carpet cleaning can be the option as well.

The process generally starts by removing all the furniture from the area. This is important as the carpets cannot be moved from its original place.

The very first thing that needs to be done is to vacuum the carpet. It must be intensely vacuumed. Many people use the only hoover to vacuum the carpet. However, it is always recommended to use a commercial-grade machine. This ensures better cleaning. This is very important to get rid of the dirt and dust trapped in the carpet fiber. If this is not vacuumed, it might end up mudding the carpet while thorough cleaning.

The next step is to put and spray the soaps and chemicals into the carpet. It is essential to put hot water on the carpet. It must be sprayed along with the soap and chemical. It is very important to use the chemicals that are safe for the carpets. If the soap is not used then the fiber can get damaged due to the chemicals. The soap ensures that the dirt is loosened up. The quality of the soap and the chemical ensure the dirt is loosened up. The hot water is used again to rinse the carpet. The vacuum is then again used to extract the dirt. The powerful vacuums are generally used for this.

Special materials or chemicals are used to ease up the stains if any on the carpet. This can be done by rubbing the area of the stain. This is quite important for the thorough cleaning of the carpet.

The carpet is then left to dry. It takes around 2 hours 30 minutes to clean the carpet. It might take another 3 hours to completely dry. Drying is not an easy process and often needs some assistance like dry air and other technologies to fasten up the process. However, if the weather is kind, then the process can be faster.

It is important that the furniture is not brought back to its original place too soon. The wooden furniture or even the metal one is generally kept away until the carpet is dried. The metal might leave a stain on the carpet if placed too quickly. On the other hand, the wood might get damaged due to wet carpet.

Wall to wall carpet is very common in office premises. The pro services are generally preferred to clean the wall to wall carpet.

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