Google Play Music Tips

Android is probably is the most popular and widely used mobile phone operating system now. It is even bigger than apple as it has so much to offer for people of all ages. Google play music is a default music app for android users. This app is full of different types of features we don’t even know about. If you are a music lover and looking for the perfect app, you may have ignored this simple looking icon. With Play music app you can do many things you are yet to discover. So here are some tips to use this application to get the most out of it.



Search Songs by Lyrics

How often it has happened that you have caught a song in the middle and since than it has been playing in your mind? Well we all have that experience and it is often frustrating not finding the song you are looking for. Of course there are other apps like shazam, which you can download from play store to search a song by lyrics. However, whey take that hassle when your default app can do this for you. Play Music app has the feature to search any song using the lyrics. You just have to type some words from the song and the app will do the rest.

Mix Things Up

The pattern of music has gone through many variations in last few years. Now music are more digital with new tunes and mixing. Everybody love to mix their favorite songs with some DJ skill. Well, Play music app can give you that opportunity to sharpen your Dj skill. There is an option on the setting tab which gives you the feature of mixing tunes. Making your own music is a fun thing to do and music app has all the options to do that.

Offline Mode

The trend of purchasing and downloading music is coming to an end as more people are interested in streaming those. If you have a stable internet connection you can stream your favorite song whenever you feel like. There is no need to waste time and space by downloading that. Google Play Music app has an offline mode where you can stream your loaded songs. Whenever you are in your office using Wi-Fi, you can load those songs play those in offline mode. This is quite a handy feature for mobile data users.

Music Roulette

Another great feature of this app. The roulette option allows you to discover new artists and songs. Loving music is one things, but with so many options to choose from you are bound to get confused. So some randomness can be perfect for you. When you can can’t decide which songs to listen, you can just play the roulette. This feature will find a song according to your music taste and play it for you. This is an amazing feature as you will be able to discover some emerging artists and some great music.


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