Great Music Lyric Writing Tips


Your songwriting will only be successful if you know the proper way to write down some great lyrics. From amateur songwriter to professional, success in songwriting depends on meaningful and soulful lyrics. If you are a beginner and want to build a carrier in songwriting, you must know how to complete that hard task. There are many ways of developing your lyric writing skill. Some of it comes naturally, from you own mind and for others you must train yourself. There is no easy way to learn about writing lyrics. You must study and research hard before you can write down some splendid lyrics. Here are some easy tips:

Write from Experience

Lyric writing based on some imaginary events is never easy and the end result is often a disaster. You must write based on what you know. A novelist has to go deep down in an imaginary world before he can pull off a stunning novel. You have to visit those imaginary events in your mind before you can start writing something about those. You can have a look at the patterns of lyrics written in last 50 years. You will have an idea about songwriting. Write songs from your imagination or from your real life experience. In that way those can touch the soul of audience.


There is no alternative of reading if you want to become a successful songwriter. You must have a strong vocabulary to arrange your songs just the way you like. A proper word has the power to make or break your song. Vocabulary can only be improved by extensive reading. Reading everything around you. Books, magazines, newspapers, stories, novels literally anything you find close to you. Reading helps you to learn new words and to memorize those. A mind without proper words cannot write down a proper song no matter how hard he/she tries.

Understand Rhythm

It is very important for a songwriter to know about the basics of rhythms. When listening to a radio song try to find out the natural rhythm of the song. It is not an easy thing to find out, you will need to think like an artist to do so. Each and every lyric must follow a natural tune to make it pleasing. The lyrics must not be hard or too awkward. Rushed tune can also destroy a good lyric. It is important to understand what types of tune is suitable for your lyrics.

Don’t Fall in Love with Words

When you start to like some specific words from your vocabulary, you tend to use those a lot. This may bring a sense of continuity in all of your songs. You don’t have to be married to some specific words. Try to use different words in each of your song. In that way, your song will sound fresh with new sets of words. It is never a good idea to use repeated words in all of the songs. Try something new with each new song.

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