Most Vulnerable Places at Home for Pest Infestation

The pests are generally very non-discriminating in terms of selecting the nest at your house. However, there are certain areas at your home that can become the hotbeds for the pest activity. If you are aware of the places then the pest activity can be controlled with some cautions and specific measures. However, the places can be specific to insects as well.


Moisture attracts most of the pest activities. There are many corners of the house that have moisture and the pest generally target those areas. The damp and moisture is a great place for nests for all kinds of pest. It does not only suit the need but also provides the best place for breeding as well. Pests like house ants come in search of moisture when the rain lessens up after the rainy season. Cockroaches, Mice get the water source from the moisture. Moisture is basically the critical ingredient of pest infestation. To get more information contact link.

The places for moisture can be many. However, the most common ones are generally in Kitchen, bathroom and Laundry room. Leak plumbing, loose couplings or loose water taps can cause a source of moisture. The pests can detect even the smallest of moisture and start targeting. Hence, it is always advisable to ensure that the plumbing work is cautiously observed to stop the moisture source.


This pathway is not your door in specific. This can be any place through which the pests can find their way into the house. There are pests that like to go out as well in search of food and come back to the nest later on. However, they choose a place that is easy for them to commute. The door, windows and any other cracks or holes present in the home could give them the edge. It is therefore absolutely necessary to ensure that there is no opening at home. These cracks can also become nests for pests like cockroaches. Hence, one can use cement or similar material to ensure that there is no open cracks or hole at home.


Food is the need for pests. In order to survive, the pests need a source of food and thus the nests are generally closer to the food source. The food source could be your kitchen or garbage yard. It can also be shelves where the food containers are placed. The only way to control this is to offer the pest no food. The home should be cleaned regularly. The food container should be air sealed. There should be no leftover at the kitchen as well for the pest to thrive.

Unattended Corners

Remember, pests never try to interact with the house owner. The pest activities are generally not seen all the time and all kinds of insects generally try to hide. The best place to hide is always unattended corners where you no longer pay attention to. Thus one should keep cleaning the house and seek out all the corners.

These vulnerable places would help you to identify the pest infestation. However, it is recommended to consult the professional services to get rid of them.

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